"Linguistics and Anthropology"

Founder: Irkutsk State University

The research journal covers a wide range of problems related to theoretical and applied linguistics, linguistic anthropology, languages of everyday life, professional and specialized languages,  and anthropology of city and media. The papers are published in Russian and English.

Thematic headings

10.00.00 - Philological sciences

22.00.00 - Social sciences

The journal invites Russian and foreign scientists to publish their research papers devoted to fundamental and applied problems of modern linguistics and anthropology, as well as interdisciplinary research, the subjects of which are the mechanisms of interaction between a person and a society, idiolect and group language, individual consciousness and group mentality.

Editorial policy

The journal publishes original papers in Russian and English with detailed (250-300 words) summary in the second language (English – for Russian texts, Russian – for English texts). In consultation with the author and copyright holders, the journal welcomes Russian translations of classical works. The journal uses the system of double blind peer review of all incoming materials suiting journal’s field. The journal follows a policy of free access to articles with the publication of full-text versions on the official website of the founder - Irkutsk State University.


4 issues per a year

Journal’s development strategy

The journal presents itself as an excellence academic journal that is addressed not only to the Russian audience, but also to foreign readers. For this purpose the journal intends to be included into the most prestigious international reference indices of the scientific publications:

By 2019 it is aimed at being included in European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS); DOAJ; Index Copernicus; Ulrich's Periodicals Directory; Open Academic Journals Index and Scopus.